Voyage to the VIrtual

February 21, 2015 Exhibition


We visited an interesting media interaction exhibition at Scandinavia House in NYC, called Voyage to the Virtual. I love the dreaming title of the exhibition. These days, I’ve been interested in studying how users can understand visual information using logical system structure. Also I am fascinated with making users easily utilize digital products with movement. The media art exhibition gave me exciting ideas while the aritst ideas amused me.

The exhibition was about expanding perception in Digital Art by combining video, animation, light sculpture and interactive media. The contextual theme of the voyage is the journey into Nordic myth and worlds beyond our own. It’s good to hear about Nordic themes in this freezing cold weather(6°F) in NYC;).

The artists tried to enhance visual perception by using visual materials, such as a reflecting mirror to make various perspectives of space, as well as creating unexpected movements by light. Also artists edited videos and physical experiences in virtual reality by wearing 3-D glasses. During the exhibition, we enjoyed the visual experience between real and virtual. You will find interesting approaches of artists in this voyage.


Scandinavia House
58 Park Ave
New York, NY 10016





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