Alone Together

March 5, 2015 Exhibition


The internet world connects everyone in the digital world. We cannot separate ourselves from the internet life because we can share our ideas, news and all other parts of life through the internet. Ryder Rippes’s ‘Alone Together’ shows how we connect each other from the internet by using a giant interactive installation at Red Bull Studios in New York City. The installation is made by upper and lower floor sections which are connected by lots of cables. There are six performers/users who are playing or searching the internet by themselves at the lower floor section. At the upper part of the giant box installation, people can see the internet browser windows which the six performers are working in real time.

The exhibitor describes: “Exhibition goers become voyeurs, surveilling the performative Internet experience encased below. Just steps away are six self-mediated video interviews that serve as introductions to each performer/user, drawing back the curtain of content and addressing the dichotomy between our representation and corporal self.”
It was a really interesting approach that we can see how people connect through the internet in real time. Also, ‘Alone Together’ provides a small example of how the world’s internet users communicate and share their ideas via the endless interactive media of the internet.


Red Bull Studios New York
220W 18th Street
New York, NY 10012



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